Sunday, July 24, 2011

I'm Laughing Because There's Nothing Else To Do

So I was talking to this guy online, and was pretty interested in meeting him.  He was nice, seemed smart and looked to be good looking too!
We'd talked about his daughter and a few other things and were planning on meeting next week.

So I just went on line to figure out what day we might be able to meet and to see how his weekend went and?

He's closed his account.


Most guys at least let you know that they're going to close their account or are dating someone else or whatever it is.

Nope, not this one!

*shaking my head*


Leah said...

shaking my head too

and waving a fist in anger/disgust

Lesley said...

Yeah, I'm kind of like pissed, sad, and whatever about it all at once. Sigh.